Chapter 2

✾To whom it gives the chance to Succeed.❣

We all have a Job, a Life, as well as Obligations that push us to postpone our dreams, some say they are too tired & others that there is no hurry & that tomorrow is another day .

Think of yourself for once! & therefore put what is important to you in priority & you will see your life will only be rewarded.

Take the example of the plant, it does not ask for anything, does not speak and does not move… but it still grows, except that…. if given attention… watered & cared for, it will grow even faster & healthier.

Sometimes the clues that will lead us to our inner Comfort simply hide in front of us, just open your eyes & listen, nature has a lot to teach us...

Modern times have created a void inside us by the lack of Nature nearby, but remember that we are originally beings of Nature, every food we eat comes from Nature as well as our clothes, homes, beauty products and everything that gives Life to this world.

Push towards the Light, Eat well, be well established & keep Hope, you will see that with Patience, Confidence & Perseverance everything is ''POSSIBLE''.

Sincerely Kevin Thibault Founder of Kallok's Arts

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