Where did the idea for the Kallok's Arts store come from?
❧All this was put in place throughout my journey with a dream and an unwavering desire to help the world around me.
❧Since my early childhood, my life has not always been rosy (bullying, overweight, alcoholic and drug addict father...).
❧During my adolescence, I started using drugs and fighting trying to forget my past.
❧As I got older, I had to face many more and more difficult trials, until I reached the bottom, but in my mind I knew I could overcome anything, I just had to not give up and keep going to move forward.
❧I had to do a lot of work on myself to change my life, I started with my foundations, which consisted in accepting my past, then I had to stop for a few moments to find my values ​​as well as my qualities for then be able to boost my self-esteem.
❧But all of this was more difficult than I thought so I started to place small memory aids, simple little pieces of paper stuck in strategic and inaccessible places so that I could not remove them with words or sentences that recalled my goal "To be happy".
❧I was not mistaken, these little reminders helped me a lot to stay the course towards a better life.
❧ Subsequently, I began to learn about the different tools of personal development and natural motivation, my research led me to discover several alternatives of development tools such as aromatherapy, lithotherapy and many other tools .
❧Until I came across positive psychotherapy which reminded me of what had been of great support to me "the little pieces of paper" which served as a benchmark in the storm.
It was at this moment that I had the idea of ​​adopting this technique in my daily life by introducing small thoughts to everyday objects, so that these ordinary objects become powerful tools for development and motivation.
❧It was then that I decided to share these tools with the world around me, so that everyone can benefit from them in turn.
❧This is where the idea of ​​creating La Kallok's Arts came from.
❧The Arts of Being Positive!
❧ Share and help those like me who find it difficult to move forward in their journey and who would like to get the Kallok's Arts tools.
❧Thank you for your trust. 💝